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Honeybee Trio Merchandise:

"The Best of The Honeybee Trio" The most popular songs from their previous albums...all in one place!
$15 plus S&H.
"We Can Sing It!" You asked for it, and here it is: More classics from the 1940s with the voices we all love!
$15 plus S&H.
"Flight to the Forties" This CD is a wonderful collection of classics from the WWII era, performed by you know who.
$15 plus S&H.
"Holidays with The Honeybee Trio" If you're looking for a fabulous selection of holiday favorites, look no further!
$15 plus S&H.
"Sweet as Honey" The Honeybee Trio's first CD. A collection of classic and contemporary music, with the lovely harmonies you've come to expect.
$15 plus S&H. SOLD OUT!

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